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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is a type of motor insurance policy that provides coverage in case of damages or losses caused by or to a commercial vehicle and its owner-driver. It is a customized motor insurance policy that can include losses and damages in the situation of an accident, natural calamities, collisions, fire, etc. All businesses must purchase a commercial vehicle insurance policy for their motor vehicles like pick-up vans, cabs, auto-rickshaws, tractors, school buses, trucks, commercial vans, etc.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Commercial vehicle insurance is beneficial for the smooth functioning of your running business against any adverse situations that may cause a huge financial drain. Almost, every type of vehicle that is used for commercial purpose such as passengers carrying vehicles, private/public travel trailers, taxies, tractors, cranes, mobile rigs, bulldozer, etc. gets covered under comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance.
Buying commercial vehicle insurance online is a quick, easy and hassle-free process. Therefore, before you zero down the policy, compare commercial vehicle insurance quotes and purchase a policy that fit your budget.
Remember, any mishap while riding a commercial vehicle without valid commercial vehicle insurance can lead to a huge monetary loss and put anyone in a difficult situation.

Key Features of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance plan comes loaded with some salient features. The following are the salient features offered under commercial vehicle insurance:

Comprehensive coverage is provided to both public and private carriers including special types of goods carrying vehicles.
The commercial vehicle insurance plan provides cover for the liabilities in case of any injury or an accident.
Do not worry about the unwanted expense as having a commercial vehicle insurance plan will provide monetary compensation.
Remain stress-free from monetary setbacks incurred due to liabilities.
Third-party person/vehicle/ property damage cover.
A personal accident cover for the driver and the owner.
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Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is generally of two types listed below:

Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Comprehensive insurance offers complete protection to your commercial vehicle under any adverse circumstances, which may lead to an unwanted expense. Secure your commercial vehicle from uncertainties such as damage, fire, theft, robbery, flood, earthquake and so on. Besides, comprehensive vehicle insurance policy provides cover to third-party property or person in case of loss/damage.
Third-party Liability Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Commercial vehicle insurance third-party liability offers protection to any third-party property, any third person or the vehicle, which may lead to the demise, bodily injury or any other damage. The safety of these types of commercial vehicles should be of utmost concern. Besides, the scope of coverage is more or less the same for both the insurance policies.
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