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Advertising is the literal process of making a product and service known to an audience. It is the description used to present the product, idea or service to the world. This generally entails advertising campaigns in the media. An advertising campaign uses creative positioning in the media. Advertising must be timely and used in a specifically strategic way.
Advertising gets the word out about a product or service. This involves creating a campaign that aligns with the wants and needs of the prospective audience. A great advertising campaign uses a mixture of media to best generate excitement for a product.

For example, if the product is geared toward a younger audience, then social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter might be the best way to reach that audience. Other consumer groups may respond better to radio, television or print ads. Most advertising campaigns use a combination of media to reach the widest audience possible.
First of all, it’s important to note that advertising is a component of marketing. Marketing refers to preparing a product for the marketplace. Advertising is making your product and service known to an audience or marketplace. Advertising is a specific step of marketing. Advertising uses the data and research collected by marketing strategies to best communicate the brand.

Marketing is a more controlled and wider-reaching process, while advertising is specific to brand communication. In a way, marketing is both research and practice, while advertising is straight practice. Marketing involves consumer behavior and marketing research, while advertising involves creative endeavors like design and multimedia production.

What Is Advertising and Why Is It Important?

Advertising is a business practice where a company pays to place its messaging or branding in a particular location. Businesses leverage advertising to promote their products and services for sale as well as establish corporate culture and branding. When employed properly and strategically, advertising can drive customer acquisition and boost sales.

Advertising establishes a one-way channel of communication, where companies can broadcast non-personal messaging to a general audience. Unlike other types of marketing or even public relations, companies have total control over advertising. When a company pays to place an ad, it has complete control over how the content involved is promoted.

There are countless benefits to a successful advertising campaign. In common practice, businesses can leverage advertising to:

Educate customers on the nature of products or services
Convince customers that products or services are superior
Improve customer perception of brand or culture
Generate customer need or want for products or services
Exhibit new applications for products or services
Publicize new products or services to potential customers
Attract new customers to purchase products or services
Retain the existing customer base
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Today, several common types of marketing include:

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing refers to application of marketing strategies to electronic communication devices, such as computers or smartphones. Digital marketing strategies often leverage search engines, email, websites, blogs and other techniques to reach customers.
Social Media Marketing
A subset of digital marketing, social media marketing uses social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to reach potential clients. This style of marketing allows companies to take advantage of earned media from individuals outside of their organization. An evolving part of social media marketing is influencer marketing, where popular users are compensated for promoting a company’s products or services.
Global Marketing
Between globalization and the internet, some of the world’s largest companies have developed global brands. Accordingly, global marketing enables these companies to employ a unified strategy to reach customers at the local, regional, national and international levels at the same time.
Relationship Marketing
Relationship marketing eschews invasive strategies such as commercials or ads and relies on customer happiness instead. Relying on strategies that help retain and satisfy customers, relationship marketing strives to establish a long-time and loyal client base.
Brand Management
Brand management attempts to create a bond between customer and a particular company’s brand. To do so, it is necessary to evaluate a company’s products or services as well as logo, design, packaging and other elements. Brand management also assesses aspects of the target market, direct competition and existing customer relationships.
Product Development
Product development is the process of transforming a business opportunity into a sellable product or service. Development can occur with existing products or new products. Successful product development involves many marketing concepts, including identification of client needs as well as market research and analysis.

Is Marketing or Advertising More Valuable?

That being said, there is a situation where marketing is likely more valuable than advertising. In the case of startup companies and other new enterprises, the priority should be developing a marketing plan. If these organizations spend too much on advertising at the onset—without an established or sustainable marketing plan—it can be a disaster.
Many successful businesses incorporate multifaceted advertising strategies into their overall marketing plan. This is particularly true for global companies, where marketing strategy and advertising placement must take into account customers across the world. Though it also applies to small and medium businesses, especially with the affordability of digital advertising through search engines and social media.
At the onset of corporate existence, it is paramount to define and execute a marketing plan by identifying customer wants and needs. That way, any future marketing or advertising efforts will have a defined approach and a better chance of success.
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